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Osteopathy in the U.K. is governed by the "Osteopaths Act" of 1993, which establishes the General Osteopathic Council to provide for the regulation of the Profession of Osteopathy. Its aims are: protecting patients, developing the profession and promoting an understanding of osteopathic care.

The GOSC is one of the 13 UK health and social care regulators, set up to protect the public and ensure a standard level of practice. It registers qualified professionals, sets standards of osteopathic practice and conduct, ensures the quality of osteopathic education and continuing professional development and assists patients who complain about osteopaths.

The "Osteopaths Act" also resulted in having the title "osteopath" in the UK become protected by law, and dependant on register with the GOSC.



Jody is a member of the "FORE" (Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe), which brings together the relevant authorities and national registers across Europe, to guide the regulation process and promote confidence in osteopathic professionals, while protecting the patients.

Since each country is at a different stage of recognition and regulation, but Europe faces an increasing mobility of professionals, it became necessary to develop a consensus on standards of osteopathic education, training and practice, to protect the patients and ensure a standard level of care across Europe. This is achieved through an improved exchange of information and regular discussion between the relevant authorities and delegates from all countries.



The APO (Professional Association of Osteopaths) is an organization that gathers the national register of osteopaths and guarantees the credibility and technical and ethical competence of its members. I also ensures  continuous professional development for its members. Among its members are Portuguese associations of osteopaths and individual members.



Yahoo group for Osteopaths in particular, but not exclusively (open to health care professionals who have an interest in Osteopathy).


Sacral musings

A social network for people interested in osteopathy.

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